Pool Cleaning Services in Panama City, FL

Pool Cleaning Services in Panama City, FL

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

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We offer services ranging from swimming pool re-starts to algae removal and weekly pool maintenance. Call us today and let us find the best solution for you!

Service Report

All our weekly services will include a Monthly Service Report – Checklist of services rendered, service photos, issues to resolve, and a detailed list of chemicals needed to keep your water balanced.

Our Services

Pool Cleaning

Our goal is to keep you swimming all season long.

That means we work hard to keep your pool clean. We start by skimming the top of the water (which should be done daily) to remove leaves, sticks, bugs and other floating debris.

We recommend a weekly brushing of the sidewalls, tiles, steps and ladders to loosen any unseen particles that could cause problems later.

We also recommend weekly vacuuming of the pool floor.

After brushing and vacuuming, it’s important to make sure the chlorine or salt feeder is full. This will continue to cleanse and sanitize the water.

We do all of this for you in addition to regular maintenance with our weekly Full-Service Maintenance Plan.

Check Out Our Service Plans

We offer plans and prices to suit your needs!

Pool Maintenance

Our Customer Care Program is customized to fit the maintenance needs of your pool, spa, and equipment. Evaluation and estimates are free.

Maintenance includes analyzing the water and balancing the chemicals in the water, skimming the surface, emptying skimmers and baskets.

First-time cleaning may require more in-depth maintenance depending on the following factors:

- What is the condition of your pool?
- What kind of trees surround the pool and how many are there?
- What is your pool made of (concrete, tile, fiberglass or vinyl)?

These factors are considered in your initial, first-cleaning estimate.

Check Out Our Service Plans

We offer plans and prices to suit your needs!

Specialty Services & Minor Pool Repairs

Salt Cell Replacement
The Salt Cell produces chlorine, but as the metal plates inside the cell begin to thin, the cell makes less chlorine. 

Green - to - Clean
High Algae levels cause your pool water to turn green. We remove it through a chemical process to make your water crystal clear again.

Minor Repair Service
Poor water circulation, clogged pump, leaky filter – these are just some of the small issues we look for during regular maintenance. 

The Shock & Awe - A one-time clean
A one-time clean – Shocking your pool water protects the chemical balance of your pool water. 

Tile Cleaning
Calcium and mineral deposits can build up on the surface of your tiles over time. Weekly brushing keeps the buildup to a minimum.

Call us for more info.

Let us undertake your pool & spa maintenance requirements.

Safety First!

Safety is of the utmost importance. There are many ways to help make your pool/spa safer:

-       Post a sign where diving is not allowed.

-       Set pool rules and hang them in a prominent place.

-       Mark the depth of each level of your inground pool.

-       Have Coast-Guard approved life preservers on deck.

-       Install gate and water alarms

-       Have safety equipment accessible – Lifebuoy ring, shepherd’s hook, first aid kit, flotation options such as floaties and kickboards.

Putting safety first will ensure a fun and secure environment for your family and friends.

Services FAQ

We recommend weekly cleaning and maintenance to keep your swimming pool pristine, sanitized and sparkling! It’s easy to see leaves floating around in the pool, but there are microscopic particles, including bacteria, which could cause illness if your pool is not clean and chemicals are out of balance. Weekly cleaning and maintenance ensures a healthy pool! Check out our Service Plans for the schedule that is right for you.

Yes we do. Our Service Plans include cleaning and maintenance for your swimming pool. Our technicians can give you an estimate adding your spa or hot tub to your maintenance plan.

CPO stands for Certified Pool Operator. This certification program leads the industry in educating technicians about pool safety. During the course, participants learn techniques and skills for proper pool operation. Florida is one of 25 states that require technicians to be certified. 

The course covers various aspects of safety including how to prevent injuries, electrocution, chemical hazards, slips and falls, diving accidents, and drowning. It also teaches water chemistry and how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot pool and spa equipment.

Your CPO should be able to show proof of certification.

All our technicians must have their CPO certification. Each applicant goes through an extensive screening process that includes a background check and drug testing. We look for people of character that share our core values and can deliver excellent customer service. We understand you are allowing us onto your personal property, and we thank you for your trust in us!

NSPF stands for National Swimming Pool Foundation. This nonprofit organization was responsible for educating and certifying pool operators. In 2019, NSPF merged with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals to form the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). The PHTA is now the governing organization that sets the standards and code of conduct for pool operators, technicians, and service providers. It is responsible for educating, advocating, researching, and promoting professionalism throughout the pool and spa industry. For more information, go to

Swym Wyse offers three plans to meet all your swimming pool needs. Plans run $119 to $165 per month and offer cleaning, balancing of water chemistry – basic chemicals included – and maintenance. Each plan offers a different level of maintenance that can include brushing walls, floors and steps to loosen any unseen particles, skimming surface debris, vacuuming, refilling your chlorine or salt, emptying your skimmer basket, cleaning the in-line basket, backwashing your filter, visually inspecting your pool pump and filter gauge, adjusting time clocks as needed and emptying automatic pool sweep. For a complete description of what each plan offers, see our Service Plans.

The water in your swimming pool will turn green if there is algae present. The greener (darker) the hue, the greater the amount of algae, which appears when your water is low on chlorine. High heat, heavy rain, and poor water circulation are the main causes of algae forming. But no worries, we can fix that!

Rain carries pollutants in the air from the clouds to your swimming pool. Rainwater can affect the pH balance of your pool water. When the pH is too low, chlorine will become less effective. Contaminates must be removed by shocking the water and filtering it until it runs clear.

“Swimmers Eye” – burning and redness occurring after swimming – happens when the tear film covering the outside of the eyeball dries out. Unbalanced chlorine and saline levels as well as bacteria in the water can affect the tear film. If you develop swimmers eye, rinse them with fresh clean water for about 15 minutes. You also could use a sterile saline solution, or eyewash, instead.

If your filter is showing signs of age or damage, replace it! Typically, a pool filter will be operational for at least five years and up to 15 years. We visually inspect your filter each time we perform maintenance on your pool, and if we see wear, we will include it on your recommended service report.

Keeping your pool water at the right level (at the midpoint of the pool skimmer) is vital to the life of your filter. If the pool water is too low, there won’t be enough water circulating through your filter, which could cause it to run dry. If the level is too low, there will be a combination of air and water running through your pool filter, which could cause damage to it. Keep an eye on the water level and add water when it falls below the midpoint. We will check the level as well during our weekly maintenance visit.

We provide pool cleaning and maintenance services to all of Bay County.

Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools & Spa’s

We service all of the following:

Saltwater Systems, Chlorine, UV Ozone, and hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation, or AOP.
Inground Concrete (gunite) Pools
Inground Fiberglass Pools
Inground Vinyl Liner Pools
Above Ground Pools

Yes we do. We use a Preferred Contractor Program for the following types of repairs: 

Pool Pump
Pool Heater
Pool Motor
Pool Lighting
Crack Repair
Pool System Updating

Our customers are:

Residential Pools & Spas
Commercial Property
Property Management Groups

Additional Specialty Services

The Swym Wyse - Pool School 101

Are you a do-it-yourselfer that has the time and dedication necessary to properly care for your own swimming pool? Scheduling a Swym Wyse Pool School session will teach you proper cleaning and simple maintenance techniques for self-maintaining your swimming pool.

This two-hour session will teach you how to clean and sanitize your pool, understanding the importance of keeping your pool chemically balanced, and how to operate and maintain your pool equipment. 

Filter Maintenance

The pool filter ensures pool chemicals are distributed evenly throughout the water. It also captures dirt, debris, hair, dead bugs, and invisible particles including sunscreen, body oils, and bacteria.

It’s important to clean the filter at least once per week and service it with a deep clean once per month to make sure it stays unclogged so water can flow freely through it.

Algae Removal

Algae present in your pool can turn the water various shades of green and yellow. It forms for various reasons: when the pool water is chemically out of balance, the filter is dirty, chlorine levels are inconsistent or there is poor water circulation.

Algae can stick to the pool walls, floor, and steps. It’s important to scrub every surface of the pool with an algaecide; and then vacuum thoroughly. This process may require repeating!

During the removal process, water is evaluated to determine which chemicals are low. Once the water chemistry is balanced, the water is ready to be shocked and filtered until the cloudiness disappears, and the water is clear.

Testing and Inspections

A full inspection of your swimming pool, spa, and all equipment to ensure proper operation and safety including:

Interior: Pool and spa surfaces checked for cracks, tears and loose tiles that could lead to leaks. Drains are checked to ensure they are clear.

Exterior: Coping around the pool inspected for chips or breakage that could result in injury or debris inside the pool. Decking also checked for damage, staining, and pitch for proper drainage.

Equipment and accessories: Pool pumps, drains, filters, heaters, lighting, diving boards, slides, fountains, ladders, stairs, handrails, and heaters. All inspected during operation and visually to ensure items are free of corrosion, rust, and breakage.

All inspections are performed by a licensed pool contractor with certification in building, plumbing, mechanical or electrical inspection as required by the State of Florida.

Pool & Spa Restart

After sitting for a few months during the winter, your swimming pool could need a restart. If your pool has been winterized properly, it should be algae free when you reopen it in the spring. Pool water and debris will need to be pumped from the cover before removing it. One it is removed, it will need to be cleaned, dried, and stored for the season. Water will need to be tested and chemically balanced to ensure water is healthy for swimming.

Your spa could need a restart if the water has been sitting a long time with no maintenance. If the water has not been treated, it will need to be drained, and the pool/spa sanitized to eliminate bacteria that can build up in standing water. Once the spa is refilled, we’ll make sure the water is chemically balanced and the filter and jets are flushed.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment includes filters (cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth), pump, heater, and lighting. All maintenance packages include visual inspection of pump and filter gauge to determine if servicing is required.

We partner with licensed local contractors to perform service and repair of equipment.


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